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Welcome ....! Hi, I'm Pat and this my Home Page.

The main topic will be about machining ... using a Mill, Lathe, Haas CNC and other shop tools. I am new to this hobby (11 years now ... wow, time marches on) and still learning and building up the shop (see Projects for New shop).

There are 6 pages to this site ... see above. Just click on the page you wish to view.

Projects is the main page that will launch into the details of the various project.

Things to remember:

Most pictures will be thumbnails, so when you click on the picture a much larger one will be loaded (this may take a little longer) . You can tell a thumbnail by it's wider border. Be sure to "arrow back" to return to the page you were last viewing (unless otherwise noted).

Update notices will be removed from this page and others after several months (no longer considered new).

Thanks for viewing ...

>>>> Update see Projects ... A3 Switcher 3/13/2013 <<<<<  Finally!

Another Update ... A3 Switcher 3/19/2013 

And Another A3 Switcher 3/30/2013

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