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Projects   A3 Switcher    Cylinder Cocks  3/19/2013

This page covers the machining of the Cylinder Cocks ... Section 19 pages 116-1

At first I thought that making all the parts for the Cylinder Cocks would be a very tiring and a long difficult job ... no so. Went smooth and fairly easy.
Made several new fixtures to lineup the various parts. Of all the parts, the Cock Body (item 1) and the Cock Plugs (item 2-5) were the most difficult.
About 40 parts including the sub parts that were Silver Solder together were made from raw stock, SS is my choice. Some of those had to be done very carefully otherwise they would melt (well, almost).

Each picture below is a thumbnail ... so it can be enlarged to get a better view ... just back arrow to return.
Parts of the Cock Plugs ... so small ... thought I would make a few extra. Don't know what happened to the lower left one. This gives me 4 spares in case I over silver solder them! Back to using those little Mitee Bites. Really works great!
A very usefully fixture ... sets the angle for the 4 types of Arms slots. Just move the large and small pins to set the angle then cut the slot using just the X or Y axis.   This fixture is actually about 16" long, there is another clamp at the other end. Just cut grove, clean and silver solder the tab and your done. Repeat for the other side without moving the rod! This idea actually came from another builder ... just can't remember who.

This is the fixture used to turn the handle. There is a small pin in the hole to keep the Lever from moving.    When I started this part of the build I was trying to figure out a way to  drill the Plug hole at 45° so it would line up with the Body exit hole. So many variables. The best way would drill at the assembly. But how? Then it came to me ... when I was making the the Cock Body ... I  messed up the first 2. But they did fit okay, so I made 2 more. Installed them and all the other parts then drilled right thru the bottom as shown. Placing the hole in the Plug at the perfect spot. Removed the drill jig, installed the real plugs. Perfect alignment!

Well after all is said and done ... this is how it turned out. When the Lever is up it lets the Steam and water out ... down it's closed. It's in the up postion.
Well that's about it for the Cylinder Cocks ... came out really nice, smooth operation. Have to wait though to see how they work.

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