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Projects   A3 Switcher   Feedwater Pump and Lubricator  3/30/2013

This page covers the machining of the Feedwater Pump and Lubricator ... Sections 20 and 21 pages 120-127.

Although the title includes the Feedwater Pump I don't have any pictures of the process. Since I covered it back in Section 8 Hand Pump I didn't think it was needed. For the Eccentric Strap part ... I do have a few pictures of the Lubricator Strap ... since it is similar to the Pump's.

The Lubricator was an interesting project just by itself ... covers a lot different processes: silver soldering, spring making, ball check valve, ratchet wheel and an eccentric strap and rod plus a lot of little pieces. When finished ... your get an oil pump that works.

Of course I did a few thing different than Kozo ... but I used most of his techniques.

I contact Ed Hume ... he was very helpful ... steered me in the right direction. Had to remake the pump once. Thanks Ed.

Each picture below is a thumbnail ... so it can be enlarged to get a better view ...
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I'm actually getting better at silver soldering ... getting some practice for the boiler. Pump Body ... had a lot of issues with the Hand Pump for the Tender but this one was well ... almost easy. But I did have to remake it once ... a burr on the tool cause the hole to have two diameters oops. What to do ... remake of course!

Drilling the very small hole for the Crank lever ... it's a cut off from a #53 drill (.060"). Sorry about the out of focus ... these are the Phosphor heads for the Plunger. Might as well make two ... one spare.
Finishing up the Ratchet Wheel. I used my printer to get the correct spacing. This is how I cut the Eccentrics for the Feedwater Pump and Lubricator. Just wrote a different program to get the g codes.
Cutting the slot for the Eccentric Rod.   All the little pieces that make up the actual pump. The glass window was cut from a microscope specimen slide, 0.040" thick.
Well the Lubricator is done and ready to be installed, the glass has been glued in place. Both the Feedpump and Lubricator are installed ... getting a little tight in there as more pieces are installed.
Tested the Lubricator and it works!  Okay ... getting closer the the Boiler.

But I need to do the Grate and Ashpan first.

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