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   Projects ... A3 Switcher    Main Frame  1/6/2010

This page covers the machining of the Main Frame ... Section 10.0 pages 63-70.

The Main Frame material is 360 Brass stock in various sizes. Very similar to the Tender Frame in that it has a Foot Plate, Front Bumper, Coupler, Drawbar Pocket, Foot Board and other small items. Since many of these attachments are similar I don't show all the operations as some of them have been shown before or are very basic. In other sections I will show the bigger items.

Although the Main Frame is not a difficult assembly to built, some care is need since there is lot of material to scrap if you are not careful. I lost the Front Bumper when I was rounding the ends. Did not secure it well enough.

Each picture below is a thumbnail so it can be enlarged to get a better view ... back arrow to return.

This photo shows the two Side Frames fastened together so that the axles and bushings will be in perfect alignment. As you can see the Rear Axles Box and Pedestal Brace have already been made. After drilling the rear axle hole using a 14mm drill it is now ready for the 9/16" reamer.

I like (when possible) to assemble the pieces together then drill and tap ... a more accurate hole for the screw. Maybe as I get better I won't need to do that step. Notice the two Crossties that are in the vice ... these were also made fastened together. The length and hole placement are very important for the alignment of the Front Axle Box.

Here is blurry photo of the fixture used to bend the brass straps on the Foot Board. They came out nice and even.   This photo should look familiar .. it is a slightly different Coupler then the Tender Frame. If look you carefully you can see plugs in the center. I drilled a larger hole then required but I didn't want to remake the whole thing ... so I turned a piece of brass and silver soldered it in ... it worked!

Shown is the rear section of the frame...

  Here is the mid section...
  There are still a lot of machining needed for these frames, but I will do those as needed when I get to those attachments. In the meantime I am going to do some more work on the Driving Wheels and Axle Bushing etc.
And the front ... remember back when I did the Handholds on the CNC? Well here they are .... finally!

Until Next time ...
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