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Projects   A3 Switcher    Reverse Gear  3/13/2013

This page covers the machining of the Reverse Gears ... Section 18 pages 110-115

This section was fun to build, the frame is actually taking on the look of a real steam engine.
Again all Stainless Steel except the Running Boards which are Brass.
Nothing really new in the build process ... CNCed most of the parts, a little Silver Soldering, a fixture to get the 112° exactly plus a few other odds and ends.

Each picture below is a thumbnail ... so it can be enlarged to get a better view ... just back arrow to return.

Reverse Lever ... thought I would make a few extra in case I messed up on the top handle!   Lots of parts ... some of them are for the next section Cylinder Cocks.
Only needed one Qudrant, but in case my notches were off I would have a spare.   A little fixture using Mitee-Bite to hold the Radius Rod Hanger. Used this method a lot to secure a part to skim off .025 or so to get the .200" thickness.

Cutting the slot for the Reverse Arm using another fixture. If you look closely you will see that the saw blade is installed wrong. Easy fix ... just flip the switch to run the spindle counter clockwise.   The Running Boards  ... a little too wide. Added some additional support on the end.
An interesting fixture. Modified a scrapped piece of Aluminum to get the radius for the Reverse Shaft at 2.219". The blue dot is to mark the center of the unbent rod.   Here we need to adjust the Reverse Shaft and Reverse Arm at 112°. This fixture with the tabs provides the correct distance to obtain that angle without any guess work. Additionally it provides the correct spacing between the arms. A multipurpose fixture. A small amount of  heat was needed to help bent the rod ... cleans up nicely.

Simple ... mill the flat spot, drill and ream hole. Rotate 180° and repeat. That is the one end of the Reach Rod.   Here's putting it all together.

  I'm very satisfied with the Reverse Gear parts ... smooth operation and looks good too.

Moving on to the Cylinder Cocks ... these should be fun. Getting closer to the Boiler.
The Reverse Level ... I have only the one notch ...  mid gear. I will do the other notches later on.    
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