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    Projects ... A3 Switcher   Side and Main Rods 8/31/2010

This page covers the machining of the Side and Main Rods ... Section 13.0 pages 78 - 83

Both rods where CNC'd on a Haas VF3 using a 1/8" Carbide endmill. Material was a .250" thick plate of SS303. I have been using BobCAD-Cam V23 to get the gcode and it works fine for these simple 2d parts. Although I did edit the program to get the correct feeds and speeds. Using CNC was really nice ... the curves were prefect as were the edge finish and I didn't have to do anything special to get them. This also eliminated some special cutting setups.
Since the Side Rod needs a special drilling fixture I didn't drill one hole. Also I didn't mill through the 1/4" material rather I went down about .240 leaving about .010 for manual milling.

The Main rod was milled the same except both holes were drilled.

Each picture below is a thumbnail so it can be enlarged to get a better view ... back arrow to return.
Lots of flood coolant ... each cut was about .025" deep. Also left about .005" for a finish cut.
  After countersinking, drilling hole getting ready for the reamer.
Finished Main Rods ... nice cuts!   Finished Main and Side Rods ... note the drilling fixture for the Side Rod.
This holding fixture didn't work ... not enough holding material for the vice, so made another.   Drilling hole using the drilling jig ... for the jig to work I also had to be sure the holes were on centerline.

Close up...   Shaving down the side to get the final .125 thickness. The gauge is to prevent the material bending. Just moved it along with the endmill.
Well here they are ... all cleaned up with bearings and all. I really like the brush look. And the Cad view...

Moving on to the Cylinders ..........

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