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The Pennsylvania A3 Switcher
(The first project for the beginner)

By Kozo Hiraoka

As a beginner in machining, this book was written with us (me) in mind, with lots of pictures and detail instructions throughout the build process. I will be building from stock material this live steam locomotive in the 3/4" scale as per his book.
To learn more about Mr. Hiraoka and all his live steam projects see The Internet Craftsmanship Museum.

My plans are very simple ... to provide you (the reader and builder) my progress in this major project. This will include the good stuff and the many mistakes that  have made (and will make). With lots of pictures, most of which will be thumbnails, that way you can see the details. I will provide a table of links to each major assembly as my progress is made, this way you won't have too many large pictures to download. Speaking of progress ... my timetable is ... well, I don't have one. Building will happen when it happens. However, I'm thinking in the 5 year timeframe. But let's not be in a hurry!
Cylinder Cocks Section 19      3/19/2013 << NEW  
Reverse Gear  Section 18   3/13/2013  << NEW  
Valve Gears Section 17 1/31/11   
Pistons, Crossheads and Guide Yokes Assembly  Section 15, 16 11/24/10
Cylinders Section 14   8/31/10
Side and Main Rods Section 13  8/31/10
Driver Wheels Section 12  12/10/07, 1/06/10, 8/31/10  
Axles Boxes Section 11  1/06/10
Main Frame Section 10  1/06/10
Tender Tank Section 5,6,7,8 and 9  4/16/07,9/12/07,12/10/07,5/24/08
Tender Frame Section 4  12/27/06
Tie and Arch Bars, Springs and Wheel Assembly Section 3.5 - 3.7  10/23/06  
Bolsters and Side Bearings Section 3.4  4/24/06 Boiler Section 23  future
Journal Boxes, Bearings and Columns Section 3.0 - 3.3  3/06/06, 3/12/06, 3/23/06 Grate and Ashpan Section 22 soon
Tender Wheels and Axles Section 2 12/17/05, 1/27/06 Feedwater Pump and Lubricator Section 20, 21   3/30/2013 <<New
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