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This is where I give viewers a chance to tell me what they think about my web site. Is there anything you would like to see me offer? Do you have any questions or comments?

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Los Angeles Live Steamers ... here is THE place to see and run your live steamer.

Discover Live Steam ... a great forum that covers not only Kozo's projects but others as well.

Home Model Engine Machinist (HMEM) ... a Worldwide Hobby Community Dedicated to Machinist Built Engines.

The Hobbyist's Machine Shop ... Dan Kautz reviews new equipment and provides details on his many projects and the A3.

The Internet Craftsmanship Museum ... Learn more about Kozo Hiraoka and his Steam Engines.

Photo Album of Pennsylvania A3 Switcher ... by Tsuneo Minagawa. Lots and lots of photos!


Steve Bedair ... a super site that covers a lot of modifications for the 9x20 lathe, telescope and more.

The Machine Shop ... Modification to the Harbor Freight 9x20 by Stellar Technologies International. 

Jerry's Site ... Grizzly G4000 plus a rebuild manual and more. Great support information on the 9x20.

More links to come!



Contacts and Links

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