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Projects ... Stover Restoration 12/10/07, 8/29/2008

I have been interested in Hit & Miss Engines for a couple of years now. So recently I spread the word around that I wanted a small engine to restore. Well I got a call that one was available in Santa Barbara (about 30 miles north). Called the seller .... already sold ... party to pick it next week. Darn!! A few weeks later I get another call ... the deal fell through so we drove up there and picked it up a few days later.

The pictures show what I have and what came with it .... missing the mixer and the WICO EK Magneto, they are available somewhere out there. The others are close-ups to help identify the parts and details. Maybe that will help put it back together!

This Stover (KA195078) was built in 1928 according to a serial number/date built list which agrees with the date that is on the block ... February 1928.

I contacted Hit and Miss Enterprises and spoke with Anthony, he suggested that I start out with the KA manual/parts list and a booklet by F.B. Wright "The Small Single-Cylinder Gas Engine" to get me started. Since then I have searched the forum on the Stover engine ... lots of good information.

So here what I will be doing ...

Take pictures, remove parts, take more pictures, log the parts, ask questions, ask more questions, sandblast them, prime and paint. Either buy new parts or machine new ones depending on cost, complexity and availability.
I will be posting my progress here (long version, detailed pictures) and on the forum Smokstak ... Restoration Project Stover 2 HP KA. Anything informative I will post here.

Each picture below is a thumbnail so it can be enlarged to get a better view ... back arrow to return.

The purple text under the pictures is also part of the update 8/29/2008
On its way to a new home .... By the way ... This is NOT the way to move or lift the engine!
  Overall view
Built in February 1928 ... maybe. This s/n plate only shows that it was shipped in 1928. The casting date was February 1928. See below.
  This what came with the engine ... it has been determined that carburetor, gas tank and magneto do not belong to this engine. Missing is the mixer and the WICO EK Magneto (well there are parts of one, the box with red and black wires).
Rear view the cylinder is a bit rusty.
  Closer view

Spark plug hole and mounting bracket for the WICO
  Close up of something ... turns out be the Magneto Trip Body (Wico)

Linkages not really .... actually this is a picture of the Detent (7002K) engaging with the Side Rod Assembly (203K2)
  Gears and ?? This is a top view of the Cam Shaft Bracket Assembly.

Gears and ?? Side view showing a few more parts.
  Closer view of gears and ?? the Cam, Gear and part of the Governor Spindle Assembly.

Head ... exhaust side   Head ... spark plug side ... missing the mixer.

Well that's all for now ... I will update as information becomes available or when some progress is made.
Hope to fill the in questions soon!

Update 8/29/2008
Finally did some more work on the Stover Hit and Miss:

It is all apart ...
Removed the old paint and rust by bead blasting (used medium size beads). A very nice finish!
Primed (most of it) ... Decided to use Sherwin Williams GBP 988 a self etching primer from their auto division.
I'm still looking for the paint ... Brewster Green (same paint that the Ford Model A used). Getting closer.
I now have a Mixer that I got from Hit & Miss. Still need the WACO EK, gas tank, spark plug and muffler, etc.

Now that it has been cleaned I can see what needs to be repaired. Not a lot. The biggest issue is the Cam Bracket. It has a crack and a bushing has been inserted. It would cost $80 to replace, so I plan on removing the brass bushing, braze the crack (maybe) and reinstall a new bronze bushing. Additionally the pin needs to replaced ... very worn ... see picture below. Also the Side Rod is worn so I may machine a new one. A few other pins need replacing ... we'll see what else as time goes on. Other than that ... all is good.
With the Flywheels and Bearing Cap removed, we can see the main Bearing Babbitts (both upper and lower) look very good. Notice that we have shims to be concerned with when it's all is put back together. The Cam Shaft bracket assembly holds lots of stuff ...

Looks like I will need to replace the valves as well. Here again there are spacers to watch out for.
  Backside of the Cam Shaft bracket ... it took a little persuasion and WD 40 to get things loose.

All is free and lose ... spin the gear and the weights spring out.
  I hope to use 1200 paper to smooth out the corrosion.

The Side Rod is very worn at the end so I will machine one ... either a single piece or two (it's two with a pin at the junction of the round and rectangular stock).

  This was taken off the Side Rod (left picture) notice that it has a Patent date on it. The top piece has a 9073K number and is described as a Magneto Trip Body (Wico). The assembly must be something special to have the patent on the part.
With a little heat applied to the sprocket ... it came off easy.
  Not so easy to get the key out ... had to machine a tool.

Crack shaft (200k2) in very good shape!   Flywheels ... primed and ready for paint. Although not shown, one of them has a marking on the outer rim surface "---- Mag ----". I guess this has something to do with the timing.

The frame still need work ... cylinder needs honing etc.

  Does this date mean ... February 1928 or February 19, 1928.
The Governor Spindle (11K) with the Weights. Need to smooth out the surface.

  An assortment of primed parts.

Crank Shaft and Connecting rod, I can see a little scoring but I should be able to smooth it out.

The rust on the Crank Shaft is not in a critical location, I can remove that also.

Although not shown ... the piston is in good shape, it has been out of the cylinder and somewhat protected. It has 6 good looking rings.
Here is the Cam Bracket that needs repairing ... the brass bushing (a previous repair) and the crack. I plan on brazing the crack and insert a bronze bushing. Notice the pin ... that worn surface is about 0.030 deep. Causes a lot of wobble in the Side Rod. That pin is being replace with a new 303 pin.

Well that's it for now .....
If you have any questions or comments email me or see the forum Smokstak ... Restoration Project Stover 2 HP KA.

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